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1. Application: By clicking “Apply Here” , you are sent to the Pre-App portion of the application. Once the Pre-App is completed, you will complete a short application to instantly receive an approval amount or a denial.


You can use the approved amount for repairs or to purchase accessories at the dealership.

2. Schedule Your Appointment: BDS will contact the Dealership’s service advisor to notify

them about your approval and to ask the service advisor to forward a copy of your estimate to BDS.

3. Disclosure/Invoice/Approval: After receiving the estimate from your Service Advisor, BDS will email a "Disclosure/Invoice" to your email, which includes:

a. The dealership's itemized quote.

b. The amounts of payments and their due dates.

c. BDS Merchant Fee (details can be found in the FAQ section)

d. If accepted, click the “Approved” button to complete

4. Contract Signing: Upon your approval, you will receive an email with a copy of the contract along with instructions to electronically sign it.

5. Payment Authorization: After the contract is signed, BDS notifies the Service Advisor that you have signed your contract and gives the authorization for payment. Once the work is completed, and the vehicle is ready for pick up BDS will pay the dealership the authorized amount.

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